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Your Hosts

We introduce ourselves!

We, Andrea and Knut, grew up here in the beautiful Weserland and, despite the distance to the coast, we have developed into passionate sailors. The wind, the sea, the waves - no wonder that this beloved maritime atmosphere  reflected everywhere with us.


Originally our farm was a traditional farm with pigs, sheep, cows and horses, which we  for many years  hard work and loving care have converted into a beautiful courtyard and a feel-good oasis.  


We are proud to be able to present you the result and hope that you are just as comfortable  and we feel at home!

Urlaub 2013 (102).JPG

Our Cat  Djuna

During your visit you may  meet another family member:  Our lovable and curious house cat Djuna. She has been with us for many years and knows every blade of grass on our farm.


Djuna  supports us diligently in quality control and welcoming our guests.  

She loves to laze around, explore the garden and encourage the residents to give her pets.

Djuna warmly welcomes you!

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